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Ingredients Matter

Variety in the diet is a good thing, we believe that applies to baking as well. A plethora of different flours from grains, nuts and seeds go into our creations. 


We're Serious About Our Pantry

At VNB, we do not use any gluten-containing flour (from wheat, barely or rye), and instead focus on a variety of other grains like buckwheat, brown rice, sweet rice, teff, Canadian GF Oats (glyphosate-free), millet and sorghum, along with almond, coconut, tapioca and non-GMO potato starch. We grind some of our flour in house and many of our items are organic - as can be seen on our food tags in the bakery.

We avoid the use of xanthan gum as it is quite processed. When a binder is necessary we use psyllium or ground seeds, and sometimes guar gum as it's in our coconut milk and is more natural.


We use an array of natural sweeteners beyond cane sugar, such as maple syrup, honey, dates, stevia and monk fruit. Our baking soda and baking powder are aluminum-free.

Our chocolate is from Europe by Callebaut, most of which is also fair-trade. Our peanut butter is organic and our eggs are free-range. We choose sustainable paper packaging as much as possible and our parchment paper contains natural vegetable wax.


Because we use nuts in many of our products we cannot accommodate for nut allergies. Please inquire about any allergy concerns you may have. 

It is a pleasure baking for you!

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